My Story

I'm a guy who grew up making art, with a paint brush in my hand all the time.  I began oil painting as a teenager to decorate my own room, then later as an adult to decorate my own home.  I felt that painting expressed who I was better then anything else I could do.  I began entering my work in juried art shows and art festivals in the mid 80's, which I have continued to do throughout my career as a professional firefighter, which I left in 2013.  Now a full time painter living the dream and making it up as I go.  

my story

Artist Statement


I want my paintings to be entertaining to look at as well as an expression of who I am as a person.  I see being an artist as more of a state of being than just a skill of making nice looking things.  I want people to feel a sense of connectedness with me as the artist both from the subject matter that relates to my life and from the energy I put into the brush strokes.  It's constantly changing, always evolving, always exploring and trying new things, never staying the same. 


Welcome to the art of Richard Jahn