This was during the Tacoma Home and Garden Show February 2019

Welcome to the art of Richard Jahn

Welcome to my art page.   Thank you for stopping by and joining me on this journey as we explore the beauty of my home area, the great pacific northwest thru a painters eyes. 

Once I began to paint, in my early teens, I found that it allowed me to express myself in ways that nothing else could, so I did a lot of it, trying out a wide variety of themes and styles trying to find what fit best.  Throughout my career as a professional firefighter and even before, I painted.  Every year I entered art shows, art festivals, and various other venues to show my art.   Now I paint full time - living the dream and making it up as I go.  The journey continues on today - doing my best to keep my art authentic to who I am and faithful to the high calling of being a painter. 

my story

Artist Statement


I want my paintings to be entertaining to look at as well as an expression of who I am as a person.  I see being an artist as more of a state of being than just a skill of making nice looking things.  I want people to feel a sense of connectedness with me as the artist both from the subject matter and from the energy I put into each brush stroke and the thoughts that go into them.  I try to keep my theme relevant to who I am and the places I see - the Pacific Northwest - My art is constantly changing, always evolving, always trying new things, never staying the same.